Monthly Archives: February 2012

“We Look and See”, by Addison Wesley

PLOT SUMMARY This book is about Dick and Jane, and their little sister Baby Sally. Dick stands on his head, but he falls down.  Jane skates, and baby hides a lot.  They have a dog named Spot and a cat named Puff.  This book is silly, funny, happy and sad.  It’s sad sometimes, like when […]

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“On the Loose” by James Turner

PLOT SUMMARY Well, this book is about three peas, called the Green Peas. One of the peas gets stuck in the sewer, because the person who owns the sink drained it before the peas could dive in.  One of the peas comes crashing down into one of the beans named Lenny Snowfort.  Another one of […]

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“The War of the Worlds” by H.G. Wells

PLOT SUMMARY I read this book when I was about 8 or 9.  This book is about aliens who came from Mars to attack earth.  They rained down from the sky in several metal cylinders. When the Martians crawled out of the cylinders, there were big ugly creatures and several tripod-type machines and heat rays […]

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Print Making

This week in Neutron/Electron Art we worked on printmaking.The kids made reliefs using styrofoam plates.The kids used their reliefs to print on paper and some kids tried out printing on fabric. We also made monoprints.We used a subtractive method for monoprinting.A tutorial can be found at firstpalette.com. And our oldest artist worked on making a […]

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Subway Art

This week in Neutron Electron Art we looked at Keith Haring subway drawings.We talked about why Keith Haring chose to make art in the subway and how making art in the subway also shaped the types of images he used.The kids also noticed that he was really trying to tell stories with his images.haringkids.com is a good […]

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