Monthly Archives: November 2012

Dots, Pumpkins, Por Favor, & Gracias

Art class this week was a spooky treat. The Protons made tissue ghosts while listening to music and reading Halloween themed stories. Further exploration of the previous colors red and yellow were hand mixed by the protons in ziploc bags to make orange. Protons narrated their bag paintings: Jillian made a ‘tornado’ and Ashanti drew […]

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Pom Poms, Zig Zags & Lava Lamps

Today in Protons Art, we explored the last of our primary colors; Yellow! Thank you Protons for bringing in objects and wearing the primary colors the last few weeks! Jillian brought a book about Yellow Umbrellas that we read while manipulating clay. The protons were introduced to Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ painting and were […]

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Mr. Nobody, Circus Skills & The Invisible Ink

Today the Protons explored the primary color blue! After reading “What Color is Your World?”, the chiclren created an oceanic collage out of a variety of blue materials for our mermaid puppet. The children too part in a sensory filled project involving lots of shaving cream, a spattering of food coloring, and a little bit […]

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Digital, Analog, Comic Books, & Espanol

Today was filled with an unusual amount of silliness and play, making it “one of those days” that brings out the creative in everyone and turns those sometimes morning frowns into smiles in the blink of an eye. We had fun learning about “us”. Taking pillow cases, the kids drew outlines of their bodies. This […]

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