Monthly Archives: February 2014

Supply Chains, Filmmaking and Red Herrings

The Quarks and the Supply Chain The Quarks learned about Supply chains yesterday morning. We followed a pair of underwear from the factory in China to the port, ocean container, unloading in California, trans-loaded onto rail and taken to a warehouse outside of Chicago. There it was stored until the orders from the underwear store […]

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Muffins, Storyboards, and Puppets

Quarks Writers Workshop,  Moose and Muffins In Quarks WW we continued our Laura Numeroff series with “If You Give a Pig a Pancake” and “If you Give a Moose a Muffin.”  We cut simple shapes to put together a pig face and then broke into two groups to play a pancake flipping big & little letter […]

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Welcome Back and Friend-a-Palooza

NEUTRONS – Instead of art and drama this semester, I am combining both and teaching a moviemaking/animation class. The Neutrons are super excited for this! We started by learning the real basics of animation and how pictures were made to move long before computers and cameras. We made thaumatropes, a Victorian era toy, in class […]

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