Monthly Archives: March 2014

Pizza Party, Brown Bears, and The Bear that Wasn’t

Quarks Writers Workshop Using the classic book “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” we wrapped up our sequencing series and introduced adjectives. We created a story-telling necklace to help the kids remember the order of animals that appear in the book and talked about what words were the adjectives in the story. Each child then created their […]

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Clay Boats, Maps, Puppets, and Characters

Quarks Drama We’re finding a nice rhythm with our time together…these kids sure are chatterboxes!! In our circle time we played a name game while tossing a puppet to one another, sang our “big stretch” body warm-up song, created shapes and things with our bodies, and played a pretend game to agree with one another […]

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Tongue Twisters, Growing Lines of Paint, and Marble Runs

Quark’s Drama We started off with finding out about how the kids were doing that day….and we found out that birthdays were happening between the kids & parents, Happy Birthday! The kids were able to remember our rhyming names and then we moved onto some body movement. We worked together to make shapes with our […]

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