Monthly Archives: October 2014

Leaves, Australia, and Explorers of the World

Neutron Science We started on the topic of leaves – what’s their function in the summer? what’s happening to them now in the fall? why the color? The kids made some insightful observations at a variety of leaves that were collected and made comments regarding shape, size, texture, and more! Then we did some leaf […]

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American Western Art, Zines, and Decibels

Quarks Math Club Our Math Club today continued our exploration of math and sound. After a snack, we divided into two groups and stood across the room from each other. Just how distance is measured in inches, feet, and miles, volume can be measured in decibels. Each child took turns saying his or her name […]

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Straw Flutes, a Tricky Spider, and Journals

Quark Unit Studies This week the Quarks learned about the continent of Africa. They are continuing to color their globes and filled in Africa this week. Also, they found Africa on a map and placed their native animal stickers on the continent. Later, the Quarks ate dates (native to Africa) while listening to a story […]

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Blacksmithing, Shields, and Glowsticks

Muon Magic Today the Muons learned about the history of blacksmithing and the various skills necessary for mastery of the craft. We discussed the differences between blacksmith and whitesmiths, and discussed the various changes metals go through when subjected to heat through forging, striking, bending, and smelting. The Muons used hammers to strike repeatedly on […]

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Blueberries and Peaceable Animals

Quarks Unit Studies Quarks started class by marching and reciting the seven continents and then diving into North America this week. They found North America on their maps and placed stickers of native animals on the continent. Quarks were also excited to color North America on their blow up globes, so that now they have […]

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