Monthly Archives: November 2014

Solar Systems, Time Zones, and Co-Op Economics

Magic Muons Today the Muons reviewed their latest entries for the zine publication, and brainstormed some new ideas for upcoming articles. Todays entries covered Anime and Manga art styles, a video game review, and a fantastic art piece centered around the human eye. We transitioned into planning for the logistics for the Co-op Economy, and […]

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Found Poetry, Antarctica, and Co-Op Dollars

Electron/Muon Writer’s Workshop Today in Writer’s Worshop we discussed poetry. We labeled some common characteristics of poetry like,rhythm,imagery,and emotional expression. We talked about different types of poetry and the kids listed some of the types that they knew. I then introduced them to a style of poetry called found poetry. In found poetry the creator […]

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Arrowheads, Art Journals, and Moon Orbits

Electron Muon Writers Workshop The kids finished editing thier projects from last week and started the decorative process. They took their “currently lists” and decided what sort of paper they would like to use,what lay out,and what sorts of materials to use to create the final piece that will be added to their journals. I […]

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