Monthly Archives: February 2017


The kids and I read two books about monsters. One clever book called Go Away,Big Green Monster where a monster appears and disappears with each turn of the page. The second book we read was called There are Monsters Everywhere. In this story a boy is convinced there are monster lurking around every corner. He […]

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More Snow!

Like I told the kids,I can’t believe it but I think I might be missing the snow. The last time we met,we had another inside snow day. We started off by reading a classic.The Snowy Day( my childhood copy full of all the wear and tear of a well loved book). Since we didn’t want […]

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This week with the Quarks and Neutrons we had an indoor snowday. We started out by reading Snow by Sam Usher and then we read Stella Queen Of The Snow by Marie Louise Gay. Next we headed up to the kitchen to make icicles. Instead of making our icicles out of ice that would melt […]

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