Monthly Archives: October 2018


We celebrated the arrival of fall with leaf cutouts and colored yarn. After picking their shapes and colors, the Protons and Quarks wrapped the yarn around to make a soft fuzzy leaf. And in the end, several were pinned to the (very handsome!) co-op fall tree!

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Air Dry Clay

This week I brought in some air dry clay and explained directions something similar to these,https://www.gatheringbeauty.com/blog//2014/06/diy-stamped-clay-bowls.html for clay bowls. Well,I guess the kids took my speaches about different ways to be creative to heart. I don’t think a single kid used my instructions. Ha! They did make some awesome creations though!

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This week we continued our conversation about creativity. Creativity can also be a good tool for problem solving. The kids split into four teams. I gave each of them the same supplies…a bag of balloons and a roll of tape and asked them to make the tallest free standing balloon tower that they could construct […]

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Bottle Rockets

  This week the Muons and I talked about what direction we would like to see the class go and how creativity can look different in different people. Then we went outside to make some bottle rockets based on these instructions: Chemistry Rocket (Acid/Base Reaction)  

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