Monthly Archives: January 2019


This week we started playing and learning Chess! Kids played against each other, reviewed the rules of the game and were very focused and excited to play Chess! We got some help from Hili’s siblings – Adam, chess expert, and Aya, class H player. Next week we will continue to play, You have a whole […]

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Mega Poster

This week we started coloring a mega poster together, kids were drawing peacefully while listening to the following stories: “I was So Mad” by Mercer Meyer, “Angela’s Airplane”, “50 Below Zero”, “A Promise is a promise” all by Robert Munsch. “Pete the cat and the bad banana” by James Dean and “Noisy Nora” by Rosemary […]

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Workshop Topics

With Claudia and Liam out for the week, we missed out on an Italian lesson, so I jumped in with a pre- “Writing Workshop” session! I explained a bit about how Writing Workshop will be set up and organized once we start in January. We brainstormed a long list of possible writing topics individually, then […]

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