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“Magic Tree House: Pirates Past Noon” by Mary Pope Osborne

PLOT SUMMARY Jack and Annie look at a pirate book and then they point at it and say, “I wish we could go there,” and then the tree house starts to spin and then everything is still. Jack and Annie get caught by pirates and then the pirates try to make them help find the […]

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Print Making

This week in Neutron/Electron Art we worked on printmaking.The kids made reliefs using styrofoam plates.The kids used their reliefs to print on paper and some kids tried out printing on fabric. We also made monoprints.We used a subtractive method for monoprinting.A tutorial can be found at firstpalette.com. And our oldest artist worked on making a […]

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Felting For Fun

Today, the children worked with needle felting using cookie cutters to shape felt, or by simply laying the felt in a flat shape and treating it with soapy water.  The results were insightful and beautiful, and incorporated colorful designs in a variety of forms including felted rocks and flat felted designs.  The children laughed and […]

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Skeleton Art

In the spirit of today’s Halloween party the quarks read a few Halloween books, Room on the Broom and The Sleepless Little vampire. After reading and discussing the books/pictures and Halloween, the Quarks then made skeletons from Q-Tips. They were provided a skeleton head and pelvis. Then they were able to glue their own bones […]

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This Might Get Loud

Today’s Studio Workshop session was led by a local graduate of the Chicago College of Performing Arts, with a degree in jazz performance. The children were introduced to various musical concepts pertaining to beats, measures, tempo, and rhythm and were invited to take part in the production while practicing some of the fundamental mechanics of […]

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Quick Chess

Surprisingly, all of the kids in Electrons Math Games wanted to play chess today.  Because we had a large group, we split into two teams and used Quick Chess to play a shortened game on a larger floor board.  It was a lot of fun but there were some excellent questions raised as to whether […]

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