Last week we did some introductory improv games. We played two truths where we learned a lot about each other’s interests and experiences. Then we tried a game where everyone follows the movement of a leader and one person has to guess which member of the group is the leader. Finally we played a game […]

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Digital, Analog, Comic Books, & Espanol

Today was filled with an unusual amount of silliness and play, making it “one of those days” that brings out the creative in everyone and turns those sometimes morning frowns into smiles in the blink of an eye. We had fun learning about “us”. Taking pillow cases, the kids drew outlines of their bodies. This […]

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Puppets, Play Money & Pastels

Today in Protons Art, the children started their creative thinking process by working with clay, crafting various shapes and configurations which provided for a nice discussion on a variety of imaginative topics. After much giggling, the children gathered around for a discussion on the primary color “Red”. Many of the children shared their insights on […]

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