This Might Get Loud

Today’s Studio Workshop session was led by a local graduate of the Chicago College of Performing Arts, with a degree in jazz performance. The children were introduced to various musical concepts pertaining to beats, measures, tempo, and rhythm and were invited to take part in the production while practicing some of the fundamental mechanics of […]

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Freedom In Abstract Art

Today in Electrons art we worked again enjoying the freedom of abstract art – just enjoying colors!  Our focus was on shades (color + black) and tints (color + white).  You may want to ask your Electron what a yellow shade looks like.  We created 6 color fields using tape.  This allowed us not to […]

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The Six Elements Of Art

In Neutrons and Electrons art this week we started our study of the 6 elements of art (shape, color, line, value, texture and form) with a discussion about how we would use each element to paint a leaf and how they help us show different aspects of what kind of leaf we mean to represent.  […]

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Tug Of War

We managed to stay cool, creative, and focused on fun today.  The Co-op acquired a snazzy new 50 foot Tug-O-War rope, which the children promptly wrapped their hands around.  How many homeschoolers does it take to take a rope from a grown adult?  Apparently only a handful.  After the rope fun, the kids fashioned a […]

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Landscape Art Under Glass

Today’s “Park Days” event took place at the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago.  In 1905 Chicago’s West Park Commission’s general superintendent and chief landscape architect, Jens Jensen, demolished the three smaller greenhouses in Humboldt, Douglas and Garfield Parks to create what was intended as “the largest publicly owned conservatory under one roof in the world” […]

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