Math Games

Geometric Structures

The Electron class worked with zometools today – a kit consisting of a series of rods and balls that allow for simple to complex geometric structures. Students were provided materials to create free form structures of any size or shape they desired. Students worked for thirty minutes in free design, and then were drawn to […]

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Puppets, Play Money & Pastels

Today in Protons Art, the children started their creative thinking process by working with clay, crafting various shapes and configurations which provided for a nice discussion on a variety of imaginative topics. After much giggling, the children gathered around for a discussion on the primary color “Red”. Many of the children shared their insights on […]

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Quick Chess

Surprisingly, all of the kids in Electrons Math Games wanted to play chess today.  Because we had a large group, we split into two teams and used Quick Chess to play a shortened game on a larger floor board.  It was a lot of fun but there were some excellent questions raised as to whether […]

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