Mr. Nobody, Circus Skills & The Invisible Ink

Today the Protons explored the primary color blue! After reading “What Color is Your World?”, the chiclren created an oceanic collage out of a variety of blue materials for our mermaid puppet. The children too part in a sensory filled project involving lots of shaving cream, a spattering of food coloring, and a little bit […]

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Thermal Conductivity: How to Boil Water in a Paper Cup

So, we thought we would utilize one of the basic inventions of humankind for this experiment.  Fire!  That said, be sure to have some handy dandy adult supervision available when attempting this experiment.  We started by discussing paper, and specifically the temperature at which it burns.  After a quick web search, we determined that temperature […]

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Leverage: How To Make a Stone Age Axe

In this experiment, we learned in a matter of minutes, a scientific principle which might have taken our stone age ancestors centuries to figure out.  The epiphany: “A stone tool is much more effective when attached to a long stick.”  The picture above was our first try at a little stone age axe. Although yours […]

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