Studio Workshop

Dots, Pumpkins, Por Favor, & Gracias

Art class this week was a spooky treat. The Protons made tissue ghosts while listening to music and reading Halloween themed stories. Further exploration of the previous colors red and yellow were hand mixed by the protons in ziploc bags to make orange. Protons narrated their bag paintings: Jillian made a ‘tornado’ and Ashanti drew […]

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Digital, Analog, Comic Books, & Espanol

Today was filled with an unusual amount of silliness and play, making it “one of those days” that brings out the creative in everyone and turns those sometimes morning frowns into smiles in the blink of an eye. We had fun learning about “us”. Taking pillow cases, the kids drew outlines of their bodies. This […]

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Occupy Co-op!

Today’s Studio Workshop session was designed to explore the First Amendment rights to free speech we are fortunate enough to enjoy in the United States.  The session opened up with a general introduction to what the Bill of Rights is, what our constitutional rights are, and what it means to speak freely and at what […]

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The Case of the Obliterated Petunias

Today was our first experiment with a Mock Court scenario. The children were each assigned a role in a mock trial, complete with judge, prosecutor, defense lawyer, police officers, news reporters, jurors, a deputy sheriff, and various witnesses.  Once the roles were assigned, the children were left to sort out the evidence for a few […]

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Jazz, Swing, Dixieland, and a Little Improvisation

Today, Studio Workshop was fortunate enough to have an expert musician and jazz historian in class today.  the sessions started out with some basic information about the history of Jazz in the united states, and it’s migration via musical recordings throughout the world.  The children heard several samples of various types of music, including some […]

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This Might Get Loud

Today’s Studio Workshop session was led by a local graduate of the Chicago College of Performing Arts, with a degree in jazz performance. The children were introduced to various musical concepts pertaining to beats, measures, tempo, and rhythm and were invited to take part in the production while practicing some of the fundamental mechanics of […]

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