Thank Yous!

The Electrons and Muons continued work on their thank you cards. We talked about who would make good canidates to recieve thank yous and then the kids set to work turning their monoprints from last week into cards. Librarians,firefighters,police officers,moms,friends,and music teachers will be some of the recipients.

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Electron/Muon Studio

This week the kids used plastic bags,acrylic paint,and card stock to make monoprints that will be turned into thank you cards for various members of our communities. We first cut plastic bags into squares and taped them to our work surfaces.Next we applied acrylic paint to the bags with foam brushes or large paint brushes.We […]

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Owl Pellets

In Electron Science we began a mini-unit on food chains by dissecting an owl pellet. By looking at charts of owl food chains and the bones of their prey, we were able to classify some of the found bones. The electrons also recorded their findings through sketches and writing down the answers to questions about […]

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Stained Glass

Last time in Neutron/Electron Art we looked at images from a book about Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass designs.We talked about his use of simple lines that made a big impact.   The kids then split into two groups to try out their own versions of stained glass.One group used tissue paper,clear contact paper and […]

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Electrons Writer’s Workshop

We’ve been looking at poetry and this past week the Electrons took an acronym to use as a restriction on form (i.e. U.S.A. for United States of America). The acronym then becomes the starting point for writing such as this…. Under the umbrella Staying free from rain Always moving to avoid the drops The lines […]

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