For our first class the Neutrons and I read Liliy’s Purple Plastic Purse. I was inspired by some of Lily’s drawings and asked the kids to make self portraits describing themselves through pictures and words. Next we worked on turning large manilla envelopes into our own bags (or purses) to fill with our artwork. We […]

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Acids and Bases

Today we learned a bit about acids and bases. We did an experiment with baking soda/water and added grape juice and then added vinegar to see what would happen. We made invisible ink and learned how it worked. We then learned about static electricity using balloons, a wool sock, aluminum cans and our hair. We […]

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Alphabets and Scripts

Last session the Neutrons completed an overview of various alphabets and scripts as writing evolved. We took a look at Cave Paintings, Cuneiform, Hieroglyphics, Ancient Greek, Chinese, and Arabic scripts. Neutrons learned a little history and culture surrounding the script, translated phrases, and even wrote their own messages in the various scripts. This session, we […]

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Owl Pellets

In Electron Science we began a mini-unit on food chains by dissecting an owl pellet. By looking at charts of owl food chains and the bones of their prey, we were able to classify some of the found bones. The electrons also recorded their findings through sketches and writing down the answers to questions about […]

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Stained Glass

Last time in Neutron/Electron Art we looked at images from a book about Frank Lloyd Wright’s stained glass designs.We talked about his use of simple lines that made a big impact.   The kids then split into two groups to try out their own versions of stained glass.One group used tissue paper,clear contact paper and […]

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