Piggies, Kites, and Art

Quarks Writers Workshop Quarks WW focused on emphasis and story-telling with elephant and piggie books. We went through several books discussing how caps = loud, italics = emphasis, small = quiet, etc while they helped me choose the correct tone

Skyscrapers and Impromptu

Electron and Muon Writer’s Workshop In electron and muon writer’s workshop on Thursday, we continued our discussion of point of view with a close reading and discussion of Carl Sandburg’s poem entitled, “Skyscraper”. In this poem, he personifies the building

Tangrams and Bingo

Quarks Math Games We started out with 10 sticks each. We found out what “makes 10” by dividing the sticks into two piles and counting them. We then played a form of Bingo-with pennies shaken up in egg cartons with