Last Thursday at Co-op, we were lucky to celebrate Halloween together with friends!  The day was filled with Halloween themed lesson plans, and ended with a very festive party.  Fun and spooky treats were abundant, and creative costumes were everywhere!
This week the Electrons and the Muons continued working on their books of poetry in Writer’s Workshop and finished up their art quilts inspired by Ken Ellis in Art.
In Neutron Writers Workshop we read Chapters 15-19 in Because of Winn Dixie and had a short discussion.  Then, because everyone’s minds were on Halloween, we discussed parts of speech and did some Spooky Mad Libs.  They turned out hilariously, of course.
In Neutron Art, we made ‘Picasso Monsters’ and learned about Pablo Picasso.  Picasso was one of the first artists to bring collage into modern art at the start of the 20th century.  Neutrons practiced gluing and cutting colored papers to first create a head out of two colors, then add details to make a character.  We looked at Picasso’s painting, Weeping Woman and talked about what the woman posing for the painting might have really looked like compared to Picasso’s ‘Cubism’ style.  On this Halloween morning, there were many witches, monsters, and spooky Picasso-esque characters being created in the art room!
In Tot/Quark Art we made pumpkins from foam, had a little pumpkin
patch with orange balloons, and made bead necklaces with our names in
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