Yarrr!  Me mateys were found last Thursday scallywagging the super swaggy boat at Carroll Park in ye olde familiar Oak Park.  On this blustery, cool day in mid-August thar were landlubbers and swashbucklers busying about- kicking sand, sliding down the plank, running aboard ye ship… and that was just the toddlers!  This park is equipped to set the scene for a cool treasure hunt or a dive into Davy Jones Locker with a huge pirate boat to play in, and boatloads of sand to swish in.  While our little ones investigated the pirate gear, some of our big kids decided to forgo the jolly roger for some skateboarding and wiffle ball playing.
“We Are the Champions” rang through the air as co-opers celebrated wiffle ball homeruns and victory laps amongst their friends.  A new hybrid of a game inspired by baseball and wiffle ball was created on this monumental park day where players ran around trees instead of tagging bases.  Even some neighborhood kids got in on the action… who could resist this friendly group?  Some of our co-opers brought their skateboards to share.  As one dad rocked his skills on a skateboard, another wowed the kids by braving the whirly tire at the playground.  Yay Dads!!!  You guys are always the most fun!
A tiny bike was spotted at the park and some not so tiny kids were riding it.
How do they do that???????
Okay, can someone please explain ‘Wiffle Ball’?   click here. 

Arrrrrrrrgh!!! Ye Olde Pirate Park Day