In my quest to challenge and intrigue the Muons I brought two games: Bluffaneer and Buildzi.

With Bluffaneer, the kids had to decide if their friends were bluffing or not. The kids had fun guessing their friends’ strategies although……Yes, they rolled dice (bone shapes) and yes they were awarded coins if they bluffed successfully, and yes they shouted, “give me your booty!” Needless to say, lots of giggles.

Buildzi was definetly a favorite. The challenge was to use shapes to replicate the shapes on a card. It could have been a fast competition but the kids chose to go at their own pace. Some even made their own patterns!

A huge TY to Dan and Judy for leading the group while I dealt with dynamic nap Soli <3

Art/Drama: Bluffaneer and Buildzi