It was another exciting day in “Life Happens” class! This week we were able to complete 2 “years” of experience. Some of this weeks highlights: someone committed identity theft and has taken over the identity of another player, the same person whose identity was stolen later lost their home and is now sharing an apartment with another player, one player had twins while another had one baby, one player had a mid-life crisis which included a career change, a couple players had medical emergencies, a couple players adopted dogs, one player got married (and they don’t even know it yet! We’ll surprise them with the news next week), someone pulled an all-nighter and won an online gaming tournament, and someone is really feeling the weight of their debt. Two player conducted account reconciliations and are learning to keep better track of their funds’ comings and goings.Last week’s homework looked great! Thank you parents for helping guide our players through the many options of how that last assignment could have be completed. This week we reviewed how to address an envelope and how to write out a check. I know that many of us use digital banking and forms of payment but this week will be taking pen to paper and filing out some “checks” for our “bills” and addressing an envelope appropriately for each. I gave each player 4 bills and 3 blank checks. They can choose which three they would like to work with. If you don’t have envelopes handy, that’s ok! Just use the back of the check and pretend it’s an envelope 😀