We began a two-week trudge through the mountains with a raucous game of Bingo! As we read “The Golden Glow” by Benjamin Flouw, the group listened for specific words and crossed them out on their bingo cards. The cards were arranged differently but all used the same words, so everyone could play along together. I was expecting a kid or two to reach bingo at a time, but apparently your fifth bingo can be just as exhilarating as your first! It wound up being a fun crescendoing activity.
After that, we made torn paper mountain ranges. Ethan and Hannah had helped me paint a bunch of sheets of paper with tempera paints, which the kids would tear into rolling mountains and arrange in overlapping layers on top of a solid sheet. Then we glued on a few green triangles for trees. They did a great job, the mountain ranges were all pretty spectacular.
Finally we read “On the Mountain”, a pop-up book by Libby Walden, as we cleaned up lots of tiny little scraps of paper.

Bingo and Mountains