We had a fun first day. What a great group of kids!
The first order of business was to decide on a theme for our classes this session. We voted and chose to learn about different animal habitats/biomes around the world.
For the rest of the time I focused on trying to get to know the new Neutron class. I handed out binders for them to decorate with stickers that represent the things they like. These binders will hold all our papers and projects from this session so that the students can take them home at the end of the session and see everything they have learned about.
We read three books that focused on our individual uniqueness. The book “How To,” by Julie Morstad, showed us that there are different ways to do things and lots of room for creativity. “Rock What You Got,” by Samantha Berger, helped us to remember to focus on what we have and “rock it” rather than wishing to be like someone else. “All The Colors of the Earth,” by Sheila Hamanaka, reminded us that children have different colors of skin, different types of hair and different eye colors but all are beautiful.
While we read the books, we worked on some “self portraits” by coloring a blank body outline with our skin color and adding hair and clothes to reflect our own special style. Some of the children filled out a worksheet titled “All About Me” so that they could share some of their favorite things and other unique things about them with the group.