Since I last updated you on the Quarks and the Neutrons we have been busy. We continued our study on monsters (Ha!) by making monster pillows. The kids used fabric markers to draw monsters on fabric rectangles that I brought home to sew three of the four sides leaving one end open for stuffing.The next week the kids stuffed their pillows and I brought my machine to class to show the kids how it worked and to sew up the open ends.
Next we made good use of our worm compost from earlier in the year by making grass “heads”.We filled knee high stockings with compost,potting soiil,and wheat grass seed. Then we glued google eyes to the outside of our stockings to make faces and sent them home to let their grass “hair” grow in.
We read some children’s books about two artists that I really enjoy. Frida Kahlo and Jean Michel Basquiat. And a fun book by Todd Parr called Be Who You Are. We also read a book called Rosie Revere,Engineer written Andrea Beatty and illustrated by David Roberts. In this book Rosie a young inventer is discouraged when she is laughed at but in the end she learns that failure is just part of learning.
Bringing my machine to co-op definitely sparked and interest in sewing with some of the kids. I brough the machine back and while the group got busy decorating animal masks I individually helped kids sew felt wallets.