Quarks Writer’s Workshop
For Quarks WW we read, “Not Your Typical Dragon” and discussed the uniqueness of us an individuals and how we bring different qualities to the group. We stamped our hands on friendship tree-shirts to make a collective image. Everyone also designed their own puzzle piece (cut out of a large poster board) that we then fit back together to see as a whole. This is really fun with older kids btw who can see shapes/images inside the shapes themselves.
Neutron Art
Today in art, the Neutrons revisited the medium of clay. Music, a vase of flowers, and natural materials served as inspiration to their art making. Special instruments from the kitchen including mini rolling pins, an egg slicer, and garlic press were introduced as well as a cross hatching technique to ‘glue’ their clay pieces together.
To recap the previous two weeks in art, neutrons painted monarch butterflies and learned about the principle of symmetry in art. The butterflies were used to decorate a banner for last week’s open house. Last week the neutrons created a special necklace for their mothers by manipulating copper wire into birds nests and stringing on freshwater pearls then looping onto a leather cord.
Neutron Book Club
We finished reading Charlotte’s Web and discussed our favorite characters and whether Templeton had changed by the end of the book. We then made a long list of adjectives found on snack boxes and in books, catalogues, magazines, etc.
Homework second chance! I discussed this with the kids so it should be somewhat familiar. Please choose one word that you would want Charlotte to use if she were writing about you in her web. This can be from the list we made in class, or another adjective or phrase (like “some pig”) that you find published elsewhere. Try to actually find the word and bring in the source if possible. We will be doing a crafty final project with our words.
Electron and Muon Art
This week in art,the Electrons and Muons finished up their paper mâché puppets. Kids who were finished with their puppets experimented with making art on aluminum foil using this http://www.k6art.com/2012/05/20/under-the-sea-repousee/ technique.
Electron and Muon Writer’s Workshop
The Electrons and Muons wrapped up their study of point of view. I read “Sphynx” by Carl Sandburg, which is a poem concerning the point of view of this ancient monument. After discussing the poem, everyone chose a picture of a monument and wrote a narrative related to its point of view. Then, volunteers shared their creative ideas and read their narratives.
Muon Magic
The Muons collaborated with the Electrons to make a 6 foot tree for the little library. Still a work on progress, but it’s pretty cool to see what a little paint, cardboard, duct tape, felt material, and imagination can conjure up. Phase two, more leaves!

Butterflies, a Tree, the Sphinx, and Puppets