Quarks Drama
We’re finding a nice rhythm with our time together…these kids sure are chatterboxes!! In our circle time we played a name game while tossing a puppet to one another, sang our “big stretch” body warm-up song, created shapes and things with our bodies, and played a pretend game to agree with one another by saying, “Yes, lets”!!!!
Quark Unit Study
Today in Quark Unit Study we discussed maps! We read Me on a Map and drew pictures of our rooms. We drew a sketch of our classroom and looked at a map that showed the street and block where we meet. We read Katy and the Big Snow -and paid special attention to the page that had the map and the different buildings in the legend. We finished up class with some free play – chutes and ladders for some, blocks for others.
Neutron Book Club
We read Chapters 12 and 13 of Charlotte’s Web and discussed, then worked on Acrostic poems based on Charlotte’s next word: radiant. In an acrostic poem each line begins with the corresponding letter of the base word.
Neutron Science
Neutron Science today was the study of density and water displacement. After observing that a flat chunk of clay sunk straight to the bottom of a water filled bin, Neutrons were encouraged to experiment with creating various boat shapes to discover how water displacement could cause the same piece of clay to later float. Once they successfully created a boat, they were able to add “people” to their craft, seeing just how many they could add before the boat once again sank. There were also a few shark attacks, some attempts at sails, and various pirates.
Neutron Moviemaking
In Moviemaking today, the Neutrons began to build their actual characters for filming and paid special attention to creating an animation character that could weather all of the movements that will be made during filming. Using pipe cleaners for ‘bones’, tin foil for ‘muscles’, and Claytoons (professional style!) modeling clay for ‘skin’, the Neutrons started the necessary steps to make a lasting character. After break, I will bring in a set for their characters to come to life on!
Electron and Muon Art
Today in art the Electrons and Muons put the finishing touches on their papier mache puppets. They made dresses using felt that was decorated with fabric markers,buttons and any other embellishment they could dig up. After the dresses were made they were attached to the heads and the puppets came to life.

Clay Boats, Maps, Puppets, and Characters