In the second of a series of science classes about our senses, the electrons learned about our ears and how we hear. In our first experiment, we covered a bowl with saran wrap and put a few pellets of rice on it. Then, using a wooden spoon and a pot, we banged on the pan to make ‘sound waves’. We could see the sound waves at work when the vibrations made the rice jump! In our next experiment, we bounced sound. Using a ticking clock, two cardboard tubes, and a plate then a corkboard, we ‘bounced’ the sound of the clock and ‘muffled’ it with the plate and cork. In our final experiment, the electrons created a model ear out of tall glasses, a straw, a balloon, and a cardboard tube. With these materials, the electrons demonstrated how sound goes into the outer ear, through the ear drum, and reaches the cochlea or inner ear. We experimented with different levels of volume and pitches to see how the varying vibrations affected the water inside our glass (our inner ear). Maybe you heard us yelling! Like the true scientists they are, the electrons came up with a great experiment of their own by massaging the rings of the glasses filled with water to make different sounds and music.