This book is about four people and you (the reader), who are about to become the youngest team of climbers to ever climb Mount Everest.  During their travels, a lot of strange things happen.  Because this is a “choose your own adventure” book, it can get really twisted.  One of the really weird twists, for example, is that when you are climbing and you need to go to the bathroom, you can choose to either unclip from the rope to go to the bathroom in privacy, or just pee right next to your fellow climbers!  But I won’t spoil how they turn out.  I chose not to unclip.  I think this is a really cool book, because you get to choose what you would do.  Another cool thing about this book is that it was written with the help of an expert climber who has climbed Mount Everest six times.  There are a total of 26 possible endings to the story, and some could be partial successes and others are disasters, but only one ending is the ultimate success where you climb to the top of the mountain and climb back down safely.
I would say this is fiction, however it does contain real facts about Mount Everest and facts about how to survive in winter climates.  It’s also an adventure book, because of all of the , well “adventures” that you encounter (and it also says “Ultimate Adventure” on the cover).

I give this book five out of five stars.  I liked the adventure, and especially the comedy in the book.  I also liked how I could make my own decisions in a survival scenario.  This book really got me thinking about what I should do if I were in a situation like this.  I highly suggest you read this book, if you like adventure books, or comedy.
“Rio” (Age 10)

"Everest" by Bill Doyle