Last week we read a book call Hermelin about a little mouse detective who is able to help all the humans on his street find their lost items. Afterwards we did a little detective work ourselves. I gave the kids paper bags with a secret item inside. Each kid wrote adjectives describing what was in their bag and took turns reading them to the class. We used the adjective clues to try and guess what was in the bag.
This week we read another detective story. This one,Detective La Rue,is about a dog who writes letters to his owner that may involve quite a bit of exaggeration about his circumstances. We then played a game with nouns and verbs. I had two stacks of papers with words written on them. If the word was a verb the kids played out the action. If the word was a noun they got to find the word’s representation in my box of felt cut outs. We stuck the cut outs on a big felt board ending up with a whole scene when we were finished.image