We had a fun first day in Studio Workshop getting our players ready for the “Life Happens” game. We went over game rules, the game board and objective. They learned some basic budgeting tips such as don’t record any money in your personal ledger until you’ve received it. This spun off into don’t spend money before you get it. We also went over the general conceptĀ of ensuring your income supports your expenses.We explored ways they could make money as teenagers. Some ideas that were mentioned were: babysitting, child care support consultant, acting, starting your own business (like shoe cleaning), sports referee, paper route, paper shredder, and lawn mowing.
Game Prep:
–Each player chose a job and a side gig at random.
–Each player chose a living arrangement at random.
–Each player set up their personal finance ledger and received an envelope to keep their “cash” in.
–Each player designed their own game piece.

Life Happens