“Life is Better in Flip Flops”  ~  anonymous

This week our regular park day was held at beautiful and spacious 63rd Street Beach in Chicago.  Swimming, sand building, and lakeside napping were all activities enjoyed by co-opers on this sunny day.  If you happen to be riding your bike down Lake Shore Drive this past Thursday, you may have spotted co-opers throwing their little bodies into the giant turtle sandbox that this particular beach offers.  Maybe you would have seen a swarm of them splashing in the cool, shallow waters of the lake.  You may even have spotted a giant hole carved out of the surf by a couple of our ambitious architects.  Imaginative sand creations spontaneously created by co-opers were displayed along the shore of Lake Michigan.  As a group of young collaborators were busy building in the sand, one declared “This is where I live!”  After a warm day of frolicking in the sun, braving through waves of algae, and visiting friends~ we packed up our beach blankets waving our good-byes and looking forward to next week’s park day adventure.

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