The kids and I read two books about monsters. One clever book called Go Away,Big Green Monster where a monster appears and disappears with each turn of the page. The second book we read was called There are Monsters Everywhere. In this story a boy is convinced there are monster lurking around every corner. He finds confidence in himself (and learns some awesome karate moves!) and looses his fear even though he is still convinced of their existence.
After the stories,I gave each kid a paper with an adjective written at the bottom of the page. I asked them to draw their own monsters representing the monster adjective they were given. Some really creative creatures (and stories)were created!!
Next we played a game where the kids had to use chopsticks to feed “monsters” little marshmallows. The monsters were made from small plastic containers with a paper monster face with an open mouth taped to the top. We raced against the clock and our friends. Phew! The chanting got pretty loud!!