Well, this book is about three peas, called the Green Peas. One of the peas gets stuck in the sewer, because the person who owns the sink drained it before the peas could dive in.  One of the peas comes crashing down into one of the beans named Lenny Snowfort.  Another one of the peas crashed into White Soybeans flowers.  The pea that got stuck in the sewer gets lost in the sewer and some blue carrot-looking creatures make him their king.  So, a bean named Edamame, and another named Chick Pea, and the two green peas that were left outside of the drain go and try to save him.  Before they start to save him, they invite others to join them.  At first, Chick Pea doesn’t want to go, but he finally decides to go because he wants to be a hero and eat cake!  The two other peas join them.  They get some help from a jar of sweet peas, who are all very old and wise, and they help make a plan.  They all go down into the sewer, and they believe that the third pea was kidnapped (or, pea-napped).  they all venture off to try and find him, and get chased by mutant sewer chickens.
This book is an adventure story, in a comic book format.  The artwork makes the peas look like regular peas, only with ears and snouts, almost like a dog with no fur or legs (mixed with a guinea pig). I liked how the artist made the characters look like animals, but their names and shapes were like foods.

I would probably give this book a five star rating, out of five.  My favorite part of the story was when they all got chased by the mutant sewer chickens.
“Tala” (Age 7)

"On the Loose" by James Turner