We had a lot of fun with our “Life Happens” game today!
We learned the basics of tracking our spending and got some practice. Everyone had their first pay day and paid their rent. Some of us had to pay for medical emergencies, someone had a baby, someone had a mid-life crisis that ended up with a career change, someone threw a house party and had to pay for cleaning/damages, someone hosted a dinner for friends, someone picked up the tab for their friends at dinner, someone got a personal trainer, someone found their first grey hair, someone went on vacation and someone had to pay for a botched tattoo to be removed! Our side gigs started bringing in money and one person had their first brush with debt. Yikes!!
Most of our players completed the homework from last week and earned a little extra cash. This week’s homework is a little more challenging and will definitely require some parental guidance. Because we all know 15 minutes is not enough to teach kids how to manage a month’s worth of bills!! (For some of us it took years to get this down right….. Aahhhem.. Me!)

Pay Day