Quarks Writers Workshop
Quarks WW focused on emphasis and story-telling with elephant and piggie books. We went through several books discussing how caps = loud, italics = emphasis, small = quiet, etc while they helped me choose the correct tone to take with the word bubbles.
The kids then chose a word to write in their own speech bubble to try and see how many people they could get to say their word (We are in a Book).
Wrapped up with making the pigeon from cut shapes — they all ended up so cute!
Neutron Kites
In preparation of field day, the neutrons created kites made from simple typing paper, washi (or masking) tape, coffee stirrers, and string. It was so fun to create together one last time before summer! Here is a link to the project if you’d like to make one (or many!):
Thanks for a great year!!
Electron Muon Art
This week in Electron/Muon Art,I brought out a variety of materials and let the kids choose a project. Some kids painted,some drew with oil pastels and others started making up their own trading card characters.
I also brought my sewing machine from home for anyone who wanted to give it a try. After Isaac fixed the machine he then sewed paper shapes together making book marks.

Piggies, Kites, and Art