We had so much fun in this class that the time flew! I was concerned that the excitement from the potluck lunch might have the neutrons too energized to sit and listen to books and work one projects. Instead, they were very focused and we had a wonderful learning time.
We are learning about rain forests. Today we traveled to the Sumatran Rain forest and met some beautiful orangutans at an orangutan orphanage. We read about how people take care of the orphaned baby orangutans and prepare them for life back in the rain forest when they grow up.
We read a great book called Orangatanka by Margarita Engle. The entire book is written in tanka poems, an ancient form of Japanese poetry. We learned the rules for tanka poems and experimented with writing our own.
Lastly, we made little orangutans to hang in cardboard trees by there pipe-cleaner arms.

Rain Forests