Quark Science
Today the group discussed the concepts of potential vs kinetic energy. We did a couple of experiments to show different kinds of force including a balloon straw rocket that we shot across lines in the room. We realized the size of the balloon and the tightness of the tape made a BIG difference on how far the rocket would go. The kids also made “buzzing balloons” by placing a hex nut inside of a balloon and then moving the balloon in a circular motion stopping/swirling on the phrases potential or kinetic. It was fun to watch how long the hex nut continued to buzz after we had stopped moving the balloons.
Neutron Art
Today in art the neutrons learned about the Inuit people and the ancient art of scrimshaw. Inuit people live where the weather is harsh (harsher than Chicago, hard to imagine!)~ Alaska, upper Canada, some in Greenland, and in Siberia. Carving into animal bone and tusk is a longstanding tradition within the Inuit culture. The technique known as scrimshaw is the careful incising and decorative carving of shells, bone, and ivory. I brought in a large deer antler I found and passed it around so the neutrons could feel how hard it is. Each neutron had a pre-cut oaktag ‘tusk’ on which they colored entirely with black waxy crayon. Then they covered the crayon with layers of white tempera paint. The next step will be to ‘carve’ into their tusks with a special tool (scratch art stick). We will continue the lesson next week and learn more about the Inuit culture and their fascinating art.

Scrimshaw and Buzzing Balloons