Electron/Muon Writer’s Workshop
This week I didn’t introduce any new techniques for our altered journals. Instead we went over the definition of found poetry and I gave everyone the chance to continue working on projects that were already started.
Magic Muons
The Muons reviewed a few more submissions to their zine, and settled on a title for the first and succeeding issues. They delegated jobs for the completion of the first issue, and discussed the target audience. We continued our discussion about the Co-op Economy and voted in various methods of stimulating the economy, including paid book reports, book submissions for the Little Library, a Co-op Auction, and possibly paid advertisements for the zine. Lastly, the Muons tackled the first Exploration assignment in our textbook, “How to Be an Explorer of the World” which dealt with observing the things around you when sitting in one place. The kids spent the last part of our class period sitting in silence, observing and taking note of their surroundings while sitting in the sanctuary of the church.
Neutron Drama
Shadow Puppetry. Today, we read the script for a winter play and acted it out using shadow puppets and a homemade puppet screen. Using high quality cardstock and popsicle sticks, the Neutrons created their own shadow puppet characters.

Silent Observation, Shadow Puppets, and Altered Journals