Electron and Muon Writer’s Workshop
In electron and muon writer’s workshop on Thursday, we continued our discussion of point of view with a close reading and discussion of Carl Sandburg’s poem entitled, “Skyscraper”. In this poem, he personifies the building by considering its point of view. To Sandburg, the skyscraper “has a soul” because of the people and life inside of it and surrounding it in the city. I asked the children to consider if this may also be true of the co-op building. Next, their writing prompt suggested considering the point of view of the co-op walls, and they wrote with the thought of, “If these co-op walls could talkā€¦” Some great ideas included, the point of view of the kitchen with its new makeover, the age of the building and creating an old man who enjoys the young children who visit every Thursday, and the walls as witness to many new ideas and friendships that have formed.
Muon and Electron Impromptu
The Muons teamed up with the Electrons and worked on their impromptu performance of School Trek: The Final Frontier for the Open House show. Each of the performers were given a rough idea of some of the attributes of their character, and then added a little flair and comedic style to their lines. We went the a few exercises related to timing, cues, and starting positions. They all performed the following day with no further rehearsals, and seemed to have recovered nicely when an unexpected phone call came in interrupting the audio! Well done guys!

Skyscrapers and Impromptu