Neutrons Drama
The Neutrons worked on dramatic improvisation, by telling a sad story set to appropriate music. We listened to some funeral music, and discussed the various emotions it made us feel. The kids worked on visualization skills, then they each took turns on the microphone sharing a story about a pet that they lost set to the music. Each Neutron had approximately one minute to share their story, with no rehearsal. We ended with a improvisational play about a witch, a ninja, children lost in the woods, a 6 headed creature, and two football players, all set to some very heroic music.
Quarks Writer’s Workshop
Poetry!! We read:
Robert Frost “Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening”
and selections from:
– “Winter: An Alphabet Acrostic” by Steven Schnur
-“Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein
-“Maples in the Mist: Poems for Children from the Tang Dynasty” by Minfong Ho
Then, as a group we wrote a diamante style poem:
Cold, Snowy
Play, Ice Skating, Sledding
Snowman, Fog, Blizzard, White-Out
Snowing, Freezing, Skiing
Stormy, Fun
We also tried an acrostic:
Whales live in the
Atlantic Ocean
Tired fish
Everyone drinks
Rivers flow

Stories of Pets and Poetry