Today in Electrons art we worked again enjoying the freedom of abstract art – just enjoying colors!  Our focus was on shades (color + black) and tints (color + white).  You may want to ask your Electron what a yellow shade looks like.  We created 6 color fields using tape.  This allowed us not to spend time thinking about what shapes or subjects to paint but simply looking at the colors appearing in front of us and deciding where we would like to see them in our simple composition.  Artists such as Mondrian did color studies similar to this.  So if you come check out our work you’ll see color compositions using the 3 primary color tints and shades only.
Both groups were introduced to the three properties making up color.  These are hue (color name such as ‘red’), value (how light or dark a color is or what kind of grey they would be on a black and white printer) and saturation (intensity).
The Neutrons freely painted using the 3 primaries , white and black as well.  Most of them continued on their weaving projects afterwards.
At the end anyone done participated in a discussion looking at some color-focused art from our BIG art book.

Freedom In Abstract Art