I read this book when I was about 8 or 9.  This book is about aliens who came from Mars to attack earth.  They rained down from the sky in several metal cylinders. When the Martians crawled out of the cylinders, there were big ugly creatures and several tripod-type machines and heat rays that attack the citizens.  They destroyed everything.  Dr. Forrester, the main character, is forced to move out of the city to escape from the aliens. Later in the story, he meets a curator (which is a manager or overseer) inside a smashed house.  They both decided to stay there for awhile, as it provided a little shelter for them.  Eventually they decide to go back to the city and ask for help to fight the aliens.  The humans are forced to find a way to defeat the aliens and send them back to Mars.
I would say this is a horror book, because it deals with Martians trying to take over the earth.  If this were to happen in real life, it would probably make me feel very afraid.

I would give this book a four star rating, out of five.  I liked how the huge tripods appeared out of nowhere, on such short notice and how the metal cylinders rained from the sky.  I also liked how Foster was one of the only survivors.  It made me imagine what I might do in a situation like that.
“Rio” (Age 10)

"The War of the Worlds" by H.G. Wells