This book is about Dick and Jane, and their little sister Baby Sally. Dick stands on his head, but he falls down.  Jane skates, and baby hides a lot.  They have a dog named Spot and a cat named Puff.  This book is silly, funny, happy and sad.  It’s sad sometimes, like when Puff and Baby Sally popped the balloon.  They wanted the balloon so much. Tim was there too.  Tim is a little bear.  They go on adventures and sometimes their parents go to work, and play, and jump.  This book is easy to read, but sometimes it’s a little hard, but you can practice and it gets easy. I read this when I was four, but now I am five and it is easy to read now.
This book is about pretend people which is called fiction.  It’s funny, and very very silly. The pictures in the book are very nice.  The pictures show what they are doing, and what type of clothes they wear, which I like a lot.  This book is not scary, but it is funny.  It makes me laugh when I read it, because it has funny stories and pictures.

I give this three stars out of five, because sometimes it gets boring and I need to have a snack.
“Ani” (Age 5)

"We Look and See", by Addison Wesley