Art class this week was a spooky treat. The Protons made tissue ghosts while listening to music and reading Halloween themed stories. Further exploration of the previous colors red and yellow were hand mixed by the protons in ziploc bags to make orange. Protons narrated their bag paintings: Jillian made a ‘tornado’ and Ashanti drew a ‘leaf’ with the paint. Using ‘Dot Paints’, the protons also created fall landscape paintings on paper with an option to also paint onto baby pumpkins grown by Cal in his grandma’s garden. The Quarks continued working on their pillow people. Discussing where they live and things about themselves.
We spent the first ten minutes of Studio Workshop going through the Spanish alphabet, including some of the unique characters which are not so easily pronounced for English speakers. The kids all repeated each letter aloud, and individually practiced rolling their R’s and enunciating their double Ls, etc. We incorporated the microphone and amplifier so that the kids could hear themselves over all the little spanish voices (and some giggling). We continued with our “YO QUIERO” (“I want”) and “YO TENGO” (“I have”) showdowns, and the kids all had a chance to articulate what it is they “wanted”, with the winner declaring “YO TENGO” with their newly obtained item in hand. We also introduced some “manners” into the mix, with the terms “POR FAVOR” (“Please”) and “GRACIAS” (“Thank You”).
El Gato – The Cat
El Perro – The Dog
El Dulce – The Candy
El Agua – The Water
La Muneca – The Doll
El Anillo – The Ring
El Dinero – The Money
La Hamburguesa – The Hamburger
El Jugo – The Juice
The children played various board games today from the Math Games string. Among them were checkers, shut the box, chess, and Blokus. Given that they were all very excited about the party, the games seemed to contain their excitement and provide an easy focus. The Electrons are continuing work on their comic book concepts. We reviewed, “The Art of Making Comic Books”, by Michael Morgan Pellowski.

Dots, Pumpkins, Por Favor, & Gracias