We wrapped up the wonderful world of summary writing by reviewing the criteria of successful summaries: Conciseness, Accuracy, Balance, Independence, Neutral (CABIN). I wrote three unsuccessful summaries and invited the Muons to read and evaluate them. There were great comments made about each summary; I especially appreciated students noting claims that were not including in the model summaries. Lots of good thinking!

Then, I invited them to evaluate their own summary paragraphs after reviewing the models. I collected those paragraphs and will be sending parents video feedback soon!

Lastly, we talked briefly about McMaster’s article, which offered a fairly complex critique of Hamilton. I was impressed that some of the students could recap the feminist critique, even remembering the Bechdel test! Because McMaster’s critique of Hamilton‘s presentation of race and history is complex, I teased out some of his ideas: that the history of Hamilton itself is still white history and that the valorization of Hamilton ignores his role in the slave trade and his general loathing of the masses. This gave them some interesting things to chew on.

Thanks your Muons for their attention and thoughtfulness, please! 🙂 

Weekly Summary: Muons – Writer’s Workshop