This week the Quarks and Neutrons made a worm bin. We started of the class by reading a book about outdoor composting. After the book we talked about a way to compost indoors. Vermicomposting or composting with worms.
Then we headed upstairs to the kitchen where we got to work making a nice home for some worm friends. We used the method found here :

How To Build Your Own Worm Bin

After the worms were nice and happy in their new home we played a silly worm game. The kids all sat in a circle and took turns choosing from my pile of paper worms. Each worm had a word and picture that stood for an action. Tornado = we all get up and spin… Freeze = keep a pose for 10 seconds…Wiggle worm = we all get up and wiggle…etc.
At lunch we collected food to feed our new co-op “friends”.image