We spent the time listening to this episode of Smash Boom Best, a lively debate show. We all made notes as we listened, and paused it frequently so we could discuss the proceedings. We talked about debate and persuasion in general, hopefully in a way that helps their persuasive writing. When introduced to the judge, for instance, we discussed how you’re always writing for somebody, and how the audience ought to shape the points you bring forth. I asked what debates they find themselves in at home, and what tactics they employ.

Of course much of the time was spent on the subject of the debate itself: museums versus libraries. We were (it was agreed) predominantly a library crowd, but the kids were very astute and awarded points to good arguments on both sides. We thought the pro-library debater had great energy, and talked about how style can sway an audience. And when the pro-museum side made a terrible rebuttal, we got to dissect why it was so weak and unpersuasive.

From watching the group with Jennie I’ve seen how good their writing is, so kudos to all you Electron parents. But now I know they must be good debaters, too, which is probably more of a double-edged sword 😉

Writing Workshop: Libraries vs. Museums