Today was our first experiment with a Mock Court scenario. The children were each assigned a role in a mock trial, complete with judge, prosecutor, defense lawyer, police officers, news reporters, jurors, a deputy sheriff, and various witnesses.  Once the roles were assigned, the children were left to sort out the evidence for a few minutes. The case was built largely upon circumstantial evidence, leaving a little wiggle room for the defendant in the “Case of the Obliterated Petunias.”  Passionate arguments were made on both sides, complete with opening and closing statements, and while the courtroom did get out of hand on more then a few occasions, the deputy sheriff and judge were able to maintain order long enough to render a verdict of “Not Guilty!”
Update: This verdict was later REVERSED and REMANDED for a new trial, due to take place shortly. Stay tuned!
Feel free to download a copy of the “Case of the Obliterated Petunias” materials, here:
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The Case of the Obliterated Petunias
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