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Rules for submissions:

  • You may only submit one report per artifact
  • Each submission is one entry for the monthy raffle
  • Reports can only be made for items found in 2023
Explain what you found. Was it a fallen tree or animal scat?
Be specific. Don't say "the forest", say "Thatcher Woods".
Were you hiking? Were you riding your bike? Explain how you found your item in 2-5 sentences.
What did it smell like? What did it feel like (if safe to touch)? What did it sound like? Describe these in a paragraph.
What uses the object you found, and why (if it was an object)? If it was an animal, what does it do to keep the ecosystem stable? Explain this in 2-5 sentences.
Why did you choose this item? What makes it special? Please write 2-5 sentences about why you chose what you did.
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